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Re: Dipping my toe in the water

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Date:Monday, February 4, 2002, 7:00

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Subject: Re: Dipping my toe in the water

> And Rosta wrote: > > > Oh, now I come to think about it, Kinya and Rinya are > > quite confusable, especially when your eyesight's as > > bad as mine (-- the difference is only a pixel or two); > > I don't know anything about Rinya, though, so I don't > > know whether the similarity extends beyond the names. > > ObOMCLWM (Oh, my conlang was mentioned) > > That's alright. I don't know anything about Rinya either. > And I created the thing. I should really put all my notes > on it together. > > And rename it "Tinya"... :-P > > (And I don't think Rinya and Kinya are similar at all, iirc.)
Well, it happens even with natlangs: Slovakian, Slovenian and Old Church Slavonic have got sooooo similar names...
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