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Re: Dipping my toe in the water

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Sunday, February 3, 2002, 17:25
> At 2:21 AM +0000 02/01/02, And Rosta wrote: > >Dirk: > > > >How are _Miamoqui_ and _Miamoquitch_ pronounced in Southern Paiute > >and in English? > > Oops. I can't even get the Southern Paiute right. I just checked in > Sapir's grammar and it should be Miapimoqui and Miapimoquitch (in > English spelling). > > The spellings are meant to suggest the pronunciation as heard and > produced by a native English speaker.
I'd momentarily forgotten that this was transcribed by Alva Walker and was instead thinking that it might have been transmitted via Spanish or (improbably, given the geographical location) French.
> In X-SAMPA: > > Miapimoqui Umpagup: [mi%j{pi"moUk_wi @m"p_h{g@p] > Miapimoquitch : [mi%j{pi"moUk_wItS] > > In Southern Paiute, these are (with interlinears): > > Miapimoqui Umpagup: [mi"?app1_0%mOkk_wi ?am"paGap_h] > > mi"?a -p1 mOk_wi ?am"paka -p1 > little -ABS Hopi talk -ABS > > Miapimoquitch: [mi"?app1_0mOkk_wItS_h] > > mi"?a -p1 mOk_wi -tS1 > little -ABS Hopi -ABS
Why do the Southern Paiute call the Tepa "Hopi"? Does "Hopi" get applied to all local foreign peoples?
> I hadn't thought through the spelling of the language word > completely; I think that rather than 'Ampagap' it should be > 'Umpagup'; there might very well be some variation, though.
How delicious! The icing on the cake would be if the politically correct modern English pronunciation were /ump@gu(:)p/. --And.


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