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Minimalist alphabet

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Saturday, August 14, 2004, 22:06
Just a random thought about a minimalist alphabet
constructed by replacing some letters with new

Start with the Roman alphabet. (26 letters)
Eliminate X and use KS. (25 letters)
Eliminate Q and use K (or KW for QU). (24 letters)
Eliminate C and use K or S. (or JH for CH) (23
Use only J for "jump", "jenerous", "jenius" leaving G
for "get", "goose",...
Eliminate G and use KH For the hard G sound as in
"khet (get)", "khoose (goose)". (22 letters)
Eliminate P (use F for PH) and use BJ as in "the best
bjart" ("the best part") (21 letters)
Eliminate Y and use I as in "iesterday". (20 letters)
Eliminate W and use OO as in "ooijh ooai" for "which
way" (19 letters)
Eliminate V and use FJ as in "a fjeri fast fjehikle"
(18 letters)
Eliminate D and use TJ, as in "tjo iou like to
tjanse?" (17 letters)
Eliminate Z and use SJ as in "sjipper" and "sjoo". (16

That leaves only: ABEFHIJKLMNORSTU

Obviously the alphabet could be reduced to two
letters, '0' and '1', since that's a computer's basic
alphabet, but for human use 16 is a nice round number.

I suppose a vowel or two could be eliminated too, and
maybe a few others to bring it down to a dozen



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