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Re: onomatopeyics in conlangs

From:Eric Christopherson <eric@...>
Date:Saturday, November 21, 1998, 5:16
Carlos Thompson wrote:
> a barking dog would sound: > Arf /&@f/? or Wow /waw/ to an Anglosaxon.
The pronunciation of 'arf' is something like /arf/ (/^rf/ in my dialect). 'Wow' to the best of my knowledge is only used with 'bow', i.e. 'bow wow' /baw'waw/ (although I have never thought that sounded anything like a dog!) In addition, we also say 'woof' /wUf/ and 'ruff' /r^f/.
> And a lot of different sounds for different cultures. I would like to > know how the following onomatopeyics are render in different > nat/conlangs... > > animal onomatopeyic > description sound > (in English) (in Spanish) > dog guau /gwaw/ > cat miau /mjaw/
In English, 'meow' /mi'aw/ or 'mew' /mju/
> roster kikiriki' /'ki/
In English, 'cock-a-doodle-doo' (long and funny-sounding!) /kak.@.du.d@l'du:/
> pig oing|oinc /oiNg/ /oiNk/
In English, 'oink' /oiNk/
> kermit ribit /'rri.bit/
You mean a frog, right? :D In English, 'ribbit' /'rI.bIt/ In Japanese, I believe it's 'gero gero gero' /'ge.Ro 'ge.Ro 'ge.Ro/
> bee bzz /bz:/ (odd orthography)
In English, I guess 'buzz' /b^z/ or possibly 'bzz' /bz:/ with a syllabic /z/
> gun shoot bang /baNg/
In English, same spelling, but pronounced /b&N/
> explosion pum /pum/
In English, 'boom' /bum/