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What to Call Non-Conlangers

From:Dan Sulani <dansulani@...>
Date:Thursday, March 3, 2005, 14:56
Hi all!
    In a recent off-list email to Sally Caves,
I had occasion to mention those who do not
participate in our (well, whatever it is we do ---
art, craft, hobby, etc).
    I couldn't come up with an acceptable (to me,
at any rate) term for the collective non-us.
"Non-conlanger" doesn't really do it for me.
So I borrowed a leaf from Harry Potter and called
them "muggles". But that's not it either. (And besides,
that would imply that we conlangers are all wizards
and witches! Well, language-wizards, maybe. ;-)
But still...!  )
   Sally thought that we might refer to them as
 "avlangers" or  "Avvles?  (i.e., average users of language)"
    Anybody else have any ideas as to what we should call
those who don't create langs?

Dan Sulani
likehsna    rtem  zuv  tikuhnuh  auag  inuvuz  vaka'a.

A word is an awesome thing.


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