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Re: CHAT: Natrium

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, June 14, 2002, 17:31
Jeff Jones wrote:

>>> (sorry for another OT post. ObConlang: hmmm, have we done the usually >>> dull names-for-elements-in-your-conlang thread again recently?
A long time ago (early 2000, when I first joined the list) I posted some Kash terms, mostly for the gasses, all borrowed from Gwr. Later on, native words for some of the common metals were discovered (e.g. efi sawu {silver water/liquid} 'mercury', anula 'gold'); and I have downloaded the periodic table, but doubt that I'll ever translate the whole thing. (Chemistry is not my forte)
>...and my vocabulary is enlarged in one __swell foop__!
One of my HS English teachers liked to use that expression; along with Kennimore Fooper, Sheets and Kelly, and President Hoobert Heaver
>PS >I found Christophe's translation error highly entertaining once it was >pointed out (I knew he meant nitrogen). I was imagining headlines: > >SCIENTIST DISCOVERS AIR MOSTLY SODIUM > >API, The Netherlands. >Today, French scientist Christophe Grandsire announced to the Conlang list, >an online research group, his discovery that Earth's atmosphere is made up >of 75% Sodium. This startling result is certain to change the way we think >about breathing and other biochemical processes according to one expert >....
LOL!!! A real day-brightener!!


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