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Re: World Lingos - Future International Lingo

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Date:Saturday, August 26, 2000, 17:42
From Leo Moser:

I thank Ray for his comments. The Acadon project continues
apace. Software under development by my son Robert.

Principal efforts now involve
1) clarifying word compounding systems.
2) filling in vocabulary (already past the
50k level)
3) evaluating test results
4) checking for inconsistencies

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Sent: Saturday, August 26, 2000 3:00 AM
Subject: Re: World Lingos - Future International Lingo

> At 1:58 pm -0800 25/8/00, Mike Adams wrote: > >I think from the spread of humans that: > > > >English > >Chinese (Mandarin) > >Arabic > >Spanish > >And to a degree Hindi/Urdu will likely be the bases for a future > >international lingo, dominante lingos.. > > > >With some major secondaries, such as Swahili, and one of the Malayo > >Polynesians as well .......
This leaves out half of humanity, maybe more. Why ignore Portuguese, Bengali, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Turkish, Persian, Italian, Tamil, Javanese, Korean etc.? And why should "smaller" languages be treated as if irrelevant? Greek, Catalan, Hausa, Polish, Gujarati, Tagalog, Dutch, Amharic, Romanian, Cantonese, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese etc. etc. are all part of the reality out there. And so are the even smaller languages, like Albanian, Basque, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Ga, Hebrew, Ilocano, Irish, Kannada, Lao, Lingala, Maltese, Navaho, Oriya, Papiamentu, Quechua, Raratongan, Slovene, Tibetan, Uighur, Venda, Welsh, Xhosa, Yoruba, Zulu, etc.
> At 4:43 am -0400 26/8/00, Lassailly@AOL.COM wrote: > [snip] > >i vote for indonesian:-) > > Well, yes - in this sort of list one must include Malayo-Indonesian which > is, of course, strictly a conlang used as an IAL among the polyglot > populations of Malaysia & Indonesia.
And a very successful one. [snip]
> >most IALists don't even try this kind of discussion. > >i think it's fortunate for the survival of auxlanging. > >mathias
> I think you are, alas, right on the last point. But there's been at least > one enlightened except, namely, Leo Moser who has expended a great deal of > time over many years doing, if I understand Mike, exactly what Mike > proposed in the last paragraph of his orginal email; and I quote:
> >So maybe an idea is to create a Conlang that has the "best" of the major > >lingos of the near future. What do they have in common, what do they > >have in difference, what lingo could be easy to learn for all from the > >groups above, and what other possible world lingos for international use > >is there?
> As I said, Leo has done considerable work on this
Working on some aspects of this since the 1970's -- before many of you were born.
> and, on the sound > principle of "Why re-invent the wheel?", why not take a look at Leo's > Acadon. IIRC the URL is simply: > Ray.
There is unfortunately not much there yet. A couple essays may be of interest. But some were already on Conlang or Auxlang. I'll inform you when we have a worthwhile website. Robert and I have had little time for webpage design. I have about 5 times as much data all ready to put up -- when we have the webpage design capabilities. The overall project is rather vast so it takes time. Sorry to disappoint. Regards, LEO