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World Lingos - Future International Lingo

From:Mike Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Friday, August 25, 2000, 21:58
I think from the spread of humans that:

Chinese (Mandarin)
And to a degree Hindi/Urdu will likely be the bases for a future
international lingo, dominante lingos..

With some major secondaries, such as Swahili, and one of the Malayo
Polynesians as well. French, Portugese. Looking at numbers of speakers
today, and future economic power. Russian likely secondary for now.
What are the Lingua Franca of the regions of Earth?

So maybe an idea is to create a Conlang that has the "best" of the major
lingos of the near future. What do they have in common, what do they
have in difference, what lingo could be easy to learn for all from the
groups above, and what other possible world lingos for international use
is there?


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