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Mík.toktik - a strange old conlang idea

From:Peter Bleackley <peter.bleackley@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 14, 2004, 15:18
Years ago, when I was devising a science-fiction project that was never
completed, I came up with a very odd idea for a conlang. Mík.toktik was
spoken by two species of aliens who cohabited the same planet. One had
evolved in coastal regions, and had a diet of largely seafood, and the
other had evolved inland and had a very different diet. There had therefore
been little competition between them, and they had developed a common
society based on cooperation between species.
Due to the differences between their vocal apparatus, they only had six
phonemes in common. [m] [t] [k] [I] [&] [O]. Roots were formed from 3 CVC
syllables, and derivation and inflection were performed by means of
patterns of stress and vowel length, and pauses between the syllables.

The name Mík.toktik itself means "Not a language." This is because the
common society of the two species was based on specialization. The two
species cooperated because they did not compete for resources, and each
could produce things from its favoured environment that the other found
useful or desirable, for example, the inland dwellers produced iron, which
they traded for salt with the coast dwellers. Society was based on clans,
each of which was governed internally by its own laws, spoke its own
language (which they did not teach to outsiders, and was phonetically much
richer than Mík.toktik) and practiced a particular trade. Relations with
other clans were governed by treaties. Because of this organization of
society, the root "miktoktik", as well as "language", also meant
"specialized knowledge" or "clan secrets". Mík.toktik, the common language
of all the clans, was not specialized knowledge or a clan secret, hence the

That's about all that I ever did on that language.