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Re: probably a bloody obvious question...

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Sunday, August 20, 2000, 20:32
On Sat, Aug 19, 2000 at 09:28:59PM -0400, Yoon Ha Lee wrote:
> But someday I'd like to make sort of a reader/learning grammar for > Chevraqis, once I have more of the syntax hammered out (I'm evolving > postpositions from serial-verb constructions in Aragis, which is fun but > exhausting), but I'm not sure what's a good way to organize it. I've > seen a number of conlang pages that have grammars, but not so many that > have coherent learning guides with examples, exercises, maybe even > pictures. Perhaps I haven't looked hard enough?
[snip] I'm actually developing my conlang by writing a learning guide to it! :-) It's organized as a set of lesson-like pages, which progressively covers more and more detail about the conlang. Right now, though, I'm stuck with a few language issues that I have to work out before I go on... but I hope to have a preliminary webpage for my conlang setup. I might write a reference grammar later on, but I prefer the learning-guide approach because I can often sprinkle concultural descriptions in the prose without feeling that I'm cluttering the reference grammar. I don't know how you other conlangers go about the conlanging process, but for me, writing a reference grammar directly isn't exactly the most productive approach. Writing a learning guide often bring up minor issues to be ironed out, that I would've missed if I were just writing a reference grammar. Besides, I find reference grammars very boring and tedious to read (including my own)... I much prefer using tutorial-type material; even if I'm just using it for reference, I find it much more approachable. T