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My new conlang

From:Joe Hill <joe@...>
Date:Saturday, December 8, 2001, 15:28
I dumped my old conlang due to it's lack of grammatical structures etc.

My new one has no name as of yet, but is getting along fairly well.

I will give a detailed grammar soon, but right now I can only be bothered to send the phonology.

The vowels:

In middle and at beginning of words:
a- the 'a' is pronounced much as in english 'Cat'
 i- pronounced as in English 'hit'
e-pronounced as in english 'egg'
o- pronounced as in english 'hot'
w- pronouced as german 'ü'

At the end of words, the corners of the mouth are streched when vowel is spoken,
with the exception of w.

the consonants: 

b- as english
p- as english
d- as english
t- as english
s- as english
z- as english
k- as english
g- as english
r- trilled
s- as english 'sh'
z- as in polish 'z'
T or t- as english 'th' in 'thin'
D or d- as english 'th' in 'then'
f- as in japanese syllable 'fu'
v- voiced version of above
c- as english 'ch'
h- as english
x- as english
c- as scottish 'ch'
n- as english
m- as english

The grammar is interesting, noun and verbs are without vowels, and cannot be
pronounced, vowels are added in to distinguish case, nouns and verbs can then
be pronounced.