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Hey, what Su problem?

From:Adam Walker <dreamertwo@...>
Date:Saturday, December 8, 2001, 10:48
I feel like Mr. Su has been consuming far too much time with his auxlangy
nonsense, so I'd like to make a proposal that miht help us all to have a bit
more fun with him. (Ambiguity?  What ambiguity?)  At the same time we can
get back to the real business of this list.

Here's my proposal.  When replying to Su Cheng Zhong from this point on,
let's reply only in our respective conlangs!  That way we can practice our
grammars, work out some needed vocab and confuse him at the same time.  Hey,
turn about's fair play!  When he decides to join in and play by the local
sndbox rules, I'll be the first to welcome him.  I'd love to see more Asian
conlangers.  Especially ones who could contribute constructively to
Sinothreads.  Mr Su is currently NOT sucn an individual, but there's always

Conlangily yours,

So lift the cup of joy and take a big drink.
In spite of it all it's a beautiful world.
-------Suzanne Knutzen

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