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Re: this is what I got in the mail.

From:George Akritides <pixie@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 18, 2007, 12:52

This is my first post at this list regarding an old subject that I would
like to clear out.
The post in relevance is:
I know it's a 4-year old forgotten story but I just found out about the
issue that was created and since my name is in it, I feel like I should say
something about it.

The points I would like to clarify:
1.I am not a Game Master. I am an amateur graphics designer for the related
project. Neither am I the programmer or the project's team leader.
2.The project is freeware, no profit is being made out of it. We do it so
that others may enjoy it.
3.The most important: Because copyright was mentioned, there was never an
intention for any copyright breach. That is the reason we asked for
permission in the first place (which was denied, and we respected that
wish). I am not the one who's taking decisions, so I immediately notified
the team leader that it wasn't to be used and it wasn't. I was younger back
then and I had not the slightest idea that my mail could be regarded
offensive in any means. I was ignorant of how a request to use someone's
work (in this case Teonaht) for something else than it was designed for can
be bad.

I am sorry for the issue created back then, and sorry I brought it up so
much time later. Please don't "flame" me for this. I wasn't a member of the
list back then so I had no idea. I just found about it by "googling" for the
project and this result came up among others.

Thanks for your time,
George Akritides