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Re: this is what I got in the mail.

From:E. Notagain <ecg321@...>
Date:Sunday, March 16, 2003, 7:47
>> No, it's the nerd seeking > >"Nerd"? *I'm* a nerd. Most of the nerds I know are highly ethical people.
I've always considered nerd to be an insult. Geek is the complement. *g* I guess there's not much difference if you're not in certain cliques. But for those who've never heard about a difference: nerd implies either minimal intelligence and social skills, or someone with intelligence but is totally lazy and would rather play RPGs all day. Geek is, depending on which one of my friend's definitions you go by: a nice way of saying hacker (which is a good thing, to me, as I admire the hacker culture; primarily because of my romanticized notion about free information and unity in subcultures, which isn't really true, but I digress); or any intelligent person who has an odd passion (usually computers, but can be music or languages or the like). General consensus is that geeks don't usually have many "normal" friends. They're always intelligent, however, even if they are freaks or trivia buffs. Nerds can be smart or utter nitwits, and usually have only a handful of friends who double as other D&D or console game partners. Geeks usually have some style, even if it's really weird. Nerds don't. Well, let's see what I stir up with this. (Subcultures are one of those "I don't really know firsthand, but I read and talk a lot" kind of things. *g*) Also, as I've mentioned in a couple earlier posts, I'm totally weird right now. I can't think. Sorry. *grin, again* -- Erin Notagain -- Streaming consciousness


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