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Workshops Review #01, 2005

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Sunday, January 9, 2005, 20:49
Here you can see again what is happening in conlangers' workshops.

A posteriori workshops:

"based on lgs of First Nations, Black Africa, Australian Aboriginals etc."
No activity since Dec 14

"based on Celtic lgs"
No activity since Aug 24

"based on East Asian lgs: CJK, Indochina, India (both Aryan and Dravidic),
Siberia, Pacific Ocean etc."
No activity since Dec 05

"based on Germanic lgs"
No activity since Dec 29

"based on Proto-IndoEuropean"
No activity since Dec 01

"based on Romance lgs"
Can somebody provide basic words and phrases in Catalan, pls?

"based on Slavic, Baltic lgs or Greek"
No activity since Dec 16

"based on Uralic lgs"
No activity since Aug 25

"based on West Asian lgs: Semitic and other Afrasian, Turkic, North
Caucasian etc."
Steg publishes his scheme for writing English in Arabic alphabet.

Other specialized workshops:

- - conscripts:
B.Garcia publishes "kidarna" script

- - League of the Lost Languages -
follow Jörg Rhiemeier's reviews!

- - conlangs in use:
Etherman asks about types of stress different from expiratory and pitch.

Sister groups:

No activity since Nov 30

Natalia Laurila revives an old translation exercise thread

Unfortunately I had no time to see what is happening in a hispanophone
"ideolengua" list ( ); a
francophone list "ouglopo" ( ) seems
dead. I still hope to find enough persons interested in opening a conlang
group in Russian.

Enjoy your communication!

-- Yitzik


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