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Offlist: Re: Anthroponymics -- Brazilians have more than one surname? How are they assigned?

From:Tom Chappell <tomhchappell@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 26, 2005, 23:47
You're welcome, Joao.  I hope it was not /too/ voluminous.

In a later post you said that a Brazilian will choose the least common of his (IIRC two) surnames.

How do Brazilians get their surnames?  Why do they have two or more?


I recall reading, but don't recall where, that in some Iberian and
Ibero-American countries, a person is named
(given name(s)) +
(surname, mother's maiden surname, father's mother's maiden surname, mother's mother's
maiden surname)
although I may have the grandmother's maiden surnames out of order.

Is that correct?

The same source, if I understood it, and if I remember it aright, said that upon
marriage a woman might change her surname(s) to
(husband's surname, maiden surname, husband's mother's maiden surname, mother's maiden surname)
although, here, I am completely unsure about the order in which these names are supposed to go.

Is that right?

To the degree that I was wrong, or unsure, or ignorant,
can you correct me or fill in the blanks?


Thank you, also, for all of /your/ information.

Have good days! (I stole that farewell from someone on the list -- but, typically
for me, I can't remember who.)

Tom H.C. in MI

João Ricardo de Mendonça <somnicorvus@...> wrote:

Thanks for all the information! :-)


On 10/25/05, Tom Chappell wrote:
> --- In, "Mark J. Reed" wrote: > > > > In the US you can change your entire name on basically any grounds, > although > > the specific laws vary from locale to locale. > > is an example. > > is something else to look at. > > will give you the law of any particular state. > > includes the following Michigan provision which isn't part of the
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