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The Classic

From:Costentin Cornomorus <elemtilas@...>
Date:Sunday, August 24, 2003, 1:35
Yay! I _finally_ sat down to start translating
the text of the Classic of the Sixfold Path into
Talarian. Thus far, the first paragraph's done
(small victory, perhaps, but it's a start) and
written in its final form.

For the interested, the text is:

Xâttanarimtlocme Haretamar-LU

lacamar hatretapapamaxaraçaçiritaparsa-KI.NIMTAR-

Sawwactâ acâ aloteyâms tawas. Harcam!
bless I all.days of.thee  Lo!

Cây-KI-he niweytsi mamstapurncanar-co, sahsi-ma
tû mamstapurncanar-co-he:
here-PLACE-for uncover.2s wisdom-the seek-if thou

xâttanarimtlocme-ALOS mamstapurncanar-co-he,
path-by.sixes wisdom-the-indeed:  harken!

a-xomyâmtar pôtan-co-he sexomaparsatos-KI-NIMTAR,
came.3pl.mid fathers-the-for

sawaltacalamuça wellâms-NIMTAR,
sun-rest.POSSESSIVE mountains.ACCpl-FROM

a-ffroncâmti maxaraçaçiritan-co-he; rimtloc
wosâmti çaraffwas-to,
brought.3pl.act hundred-glyphs-the-and; six
are.3pl houses-the

wosâmti-he çiritan-co çaraffwâms-KI-han: coy-he
çaraffwâretamas rimtlocme:
inhabit-and glyphs-the houses-PLACE-in: these-and
houses-of-the-Powers six

XA-ta haretemaçaraffwas, NIMTA-ta
XA-NOUN Power-house, NIMTA-NOUN Power-house

&c. for LU, CAO, KI & WANACAS.

aloçaraffwwel-KI-han wiçwwânarawatacanto. power-and-virtue-DUAL.


I bless all thy days - for lo! - here thou (will)
uncover wisdom, if thou seeks wisdom; indeed the
wisdom of the Sixfold Path. Hark! The ancestors
[fathers] got them(selves) out from Persia, from
the sunset mountains, from Persia of legend. They
brought a hundredfold of glyphs; and six are the
houses, and the glyphs inhabit the six houses,
these six houses of the Powers: the houses of XA,
NIMTAR, LU, CAO, KI & WANACAS. In each house a
power and a virtue.

The Talarian is written in the modern alphabet,
derived ultimately from the same cuneiform
syllabary the flowing script descends from. When
I can get a scanner working, I'll put up the
first couple pages.

In the transliteration, word parts set off by
dashes are generally grammatical words; affixes
in CAPS are qualifiers. They're little cuneiform
glyphs that help specify or qualify the word
they're attached to.

Note the ease with which T forms long compounds.


la cieurgeourea provoer mal trasfu ast meiyoer ke la cieurgeourea andrext ben trasfu.


There was a musician named Packett,
who'd had it, he just couldn't hack it;
   he stood with care
   on a cane backed chair,
and impaled himself on a rackett.


Come visit Ill Bethisad! --