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Re: Existential voice

From:Gregory Gadow <techbear@...>
Date:Monday, May 2, 2005, 21:26
John Quijada wrote

> Gregory Gadow wrote: >>* Any suggestions on how I can extend to other uses I haven't thought of? > --------------------------- > Since the answers you've already received were quite thorough, I will only > comment on the above question you asked. IMO, whatever morphological or > morpho-syntactic solution you finally decide upon, it should extend to > EVERY verb that can describe a state, act, or event, translatable as > "X-ing is occurring" or "There's X(-ing) going on."
For the most part, that is the case. Some verbs couldn't use this, however, just as there are some verbs in English that can not be put in the passive voice. Eventually, I will be defining most verbs as having a non-transitive form, used to create this voice.
> I would even consider using something other than Voice as the > meta-category > it fits into, because it can be extended to other voices themselves, e.g., > passive voice as in "Having been X'ed is occurring" or "There's being-X-d > going on."
Not really. When I have finished the section on voice, I'll post a link to the list; that should make it a bit clearer. Gregory Gadow