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Trivial Translation Exercise

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 11, 2004, 21:55
Inspired by a poster ad for cosmetics, which undoubtedly
stole it from somewhere else:

"You can't add more years to your life, but you can add
more life to your years."

Of course, this only works in languages where one word
is used for both the content and the span of a life...

Being a romlang, Jovian is compatible:

|Nau poesses adder anni tu ei ueda, sed poesses adder ueda
[no 'pass@z 'add@r 'anni tu ej y@d  sep 'pass@z 'adder y@d]

tu ih anni.|
[tu i 'hanni]

-- Christian Thalmann


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