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Re: The Dialects of Tech

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, May 21, 1999, 12:02
Andrew Smith wrote:

>How is it that the Christian Qotli dialect has no English/French >influences despite being the prestige dialect, spoken by the majority, and >presumably the language of the state and inter-dialectal communications in >Techia, whereas the Muslim Maoese dialect does? I would have thought that >it would be the other way around. International language borrowings would >leach into other dialects from Qotli, wouldn't they?
Good question. I thought about that the other day. Actually the spoken Qotli language does have a ton of borrowings from Greek, Latin, Arabic, English, French and the like. However, like Hindi did with Hindustani, the "pure" official form of the language prefers native words to international terms. Like the word for "computer" would translate to, say, "he who calculates". Or the word for "automobile" would be "she who moves herself". Note that whatever I post here regarding any of my conlang projects is subject to change. I am working on an element of realism here (of course I'm out to stretch the rules as much as I can without breaking them...) Danny _______________________________________________________________ Get Free Email and Do More On The Web. Visit