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Ideographic to Alphabetic

From:Mike Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Monday, January 17, 2000, 21:01
I think that the hisrory of how a ideographic/pictographic writing
system is much the same in Egypt/Near East, as it was in China/Japan, as
well as possible in Mesoamerica.

Namely a power that had a ideographic form of writing, was expressing
its power via its form of writing. The people of Japan wanted to be able
to read the literature of China, and to read their own language. From I
understand there was a writing system in existance before contact with
China, but, much as how modern nations accept English as to be able to
share the power that English speaking lands do. Much how people would
learn Greek/Aramaic/Akkadian/French/Maya/Aztec and other lingos of a
powerful nation.
But, in the conversion from one nation to another, the old rules often
get thrown out since the "traditions" don't always translate from one
culture to another.
In China the old form is almost sacred, but a new nation is not as
entrapped in that sacredness and therefore is able to change it to their
own image,
To a Hebrew the alphabet is the form for the words of God, but to a non
Jew, they are not as sacred, therefore I can change them to suit myself
and my cultures ideals. Basically I am not as tired to the traditions of
the past.
I think in ways, the change in spelling of English, and the adoption of
a better alphabet to use for English is much the same, we the English
speakers are stuck in the traditions and it may take a new culture
adopting the lingo to make the changes for the English lingo.


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