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R: Re: Blandness (was: Uusisuom's influences)

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Thursday, April 5, 2001, 15:27
Andreas wrote:

> ><< I'll throw in some other beautiful languages from my point of view: I > > >like Icelandic very much as it is spoken >> > > > >You know, I find this very interesting. There have been several mentions > >of > >how beautiful Icelandic, Finnish, Hungarian, and so forth are, and at
> >one person said that Romance languages were the ugliest he'd ever heard. > >That could not be more opposite to myself and most Westerners, I think
> >ones I know). Everybody wants to learn either Spanish, French or
> >claiming it to be the most beautiful language on the planet (for me, it's > >French, and I know someone was dogging French earlier). > > Where I come from, French is usually considered beautiful but difficult. > Personally, I find if abhorrent - chiefly due to those detestable nasal > vowels. No offense is meant to French-speakers, of course. It's not your > fault you're French! ;-)
I don't particularly love French, although I do like nasal vowels (I like very much, ie, Portuguese, or Ligurian, which is full of nasal vowels).
> >People who take > >German are made fun of, let alone anyone who so much has heard of any
> >language from any country surrounding Germany, or near it (France/Belgium > >excluded, of course). > > In Swedish school, you can take either French or German as your second > foreign language (English being the first, whether you like it or not).
> people take German, as it's considered to be the easy choice. I, of
> took German ...
Here people cosider French to be the easy choice... and I have chosen German!
> >My second Arabic teacher (born in New York City; no > >Arab blood in him whatsoever) once said, "I was at a Linguistics
> >once, and the whole thing was in Dutch. Dutch is the ugliest, most awful > >sounding language on the planet. Everybody thinks their own language is > >beautiful, even the Dutch, but they're wrong; it's awful." > > I can't understand what people find so bad with Dutch - it's like a mix of > English and German (both langs I like) with alot of nice extra [x]s and
> added in for good measure! Learn to pronounce "'s-Gravenhage" correctly
> your halfway to nirvana ... ;-)
: ) I wonder what do Irina and Boudewijn think about this... I don't know how Dutch sounds, of het moet schoon zijn, ik denk (???). Luca


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