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R: Re: Digest 2 Apr

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Thursday, April 5, 2001, 15:27
Jesse Bangs wrote:

> Muke Tever sikayal: > > > > I like phonology, but I don't know enough about historical phonology
> > > be entirely comfortable with the sound-changes I devise. > > > > Hehe. My langs tend to have regular but likely-implausible sound
> > I don't know. There's some pretty weird stuff out there, like s > r, > which is attested multiple times, but which I can't justify in my own > mind.
That's rhotacism. It happened in Latin, for istance: honos 'honour' NOM. honos + em > honorem 'honour' ACC. /l/ > /r/ is another type of rothacism, attested inRumanian, i.e., and in the variety of Italian spoken in Rome: 'il lato' (the side) is realized as /er 'lado/ Std. Italian has /il lato/, Tuscanian /il lat_ho/ or /il laTo/. I pronounce it something like /il l6to/, while in Naples, since we are at Italian varieties, lately, they pronounce it /@l l6:t@/ with a falling intonation (4->2/1) adn with a semi voiced intervocal /t/. Luca


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