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Re: Necessity of Conculture?

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry@...>
Date:Thursday, June 3, 1999, 20:44
On 2 Jun 99, at 21:34, Dan Sulani wrote:

> Jim Henry wrote:
> > My current project {gzb} is a personal experiment; it is based
on a
> > small but real culture, namely me. I intended it for keeping journals & > > writing notes to myself, so I lexicalize things I talk or think about > > frequently as root words, etc. I want to observe how the process of > > making and using it affects me, though, so I'm building other basic > > distinctions into its root lexicon that I normally wouldn't make when > > speaking my idiolect of English or Esperanto. > > > > Also, consider for encoding, grammatical distinctions you use most > often. > Any distinctions you'd _want_ to use that English or Esperanto don't > provide? Don't forget about _them_. > Anyhow, good luck on your project.
Yes, thus the reflexive verb marker instead of using the active verb marker + a transitive pronoun. Also, I analyzed the Esperanto affix list and in most cases I have two or three affixes or root words corresponding to one in Esperanto (though the reverse in a few cases, e.g. anto/into/onto are all {tu}, the agent, ditto ato/ito/oto --> {hxy}, the patient. Jim Henry III *gjax zaxnq-box baxm-box goq.