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Re: Language uploaded, finally...

From:Andrew Chaney <adchaney@...>
Date:Thursday, November 2, 2000, 1:19
> Or if you want something unique, call them "coral" and "oblique", > since you use nominative for all core cases. :)
Hey, I like that: Coral & Oblique.
> Aha! Very neato. Historic and future changes already figured out. > I like that! > > daniel
If I ever get around to working out the details, I'll have about 2500 or so years worth of history for Ihra (Irha being the current name for the country where Ihro is spoken) and the surrounding nations <>. I also had a fairly fleshed out grammar for Ihric's parent language, Proto-Ihric, but I seem to have mislaid that notebook... Andy