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Re: THEORY: Re : Universal Translation Language

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Thursday, June 3, 1999, 20:25
Ah, I didn't know enough French to recognize peau-rouge, and didn't
look it up. :)

> this is an interesting viewpoint. i always consider that "lonely"=20 > substantives are part of implied 2-term, minimal utterances (? "=E9nonc=
> minimaux =E0 deux termes") whether non-active (equative, attributive,=20 > situative, existential or descriptive) or active.
I guess I just don't see what is gained with that idea; perhaps with enough French grammar school I would understand. :)
> i think this is the very definition of attributive as opposed > to substantive.=20 > personal verbs, genitive and adverbs behave like that at their > respective PoS=20 > levels. am i wrong here ?
If you are, it's not for me to say; I'm an amateur at this just like you. But it sounds like we don't differ much if at all on the difference between nouns and adjectives (or substantives and attributives). Ed Heil ------ --- ---