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Re: definite/indefinite articles

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 1, 2003, 8:45
--- In, Sally Caves <scaves@F...> wrote:

> Matt Pearson's invented language Tokana has a "determiner" which
> double duty as both a kind of pronoun, and a kind of article that
> the case of a noun. So te ("it, that") is also used in place of
"the" in te
> katia ("the house"). Every specific noun in Tokana must have a
> particle, even names. Padraic Brown's Kerno does this as well: La
> (a woman's name). It's like saying "The Nicole." :) I'm thinking
> adopting this habit for Teonaht as it seems to be moving more and
> towards an obsession with volitionality.
Same thing with Jovian: In order to keep proper names recognizable, they are not inflected, but prefixed with the third person pronoun, which doubles as a sort of strong definite article. Is Bernar dige ei Paule ud awa en Muerel, soren ys Paule. [i 'bErn@r di:g e bawl ud a:v em 'my@r@l 'so:r@n y 'pawl] Bernhard says to Paul that he loves Muriel, Paul's sister. Swiss German does that too, by the way: De Bärni seit em Paul, er liebi d Muriel, em Paul sini Schwöschter. [d@ 'bErni sajt @m pawl Er 'li@bi d 'myriel @m pawl sini Sv2St@r] In Jovian slang, that construction is often extended to all noun phrases instead, leaving nouns and adjectives generally uninflected. -- Christian Thalmann -- +++ GMX - Mail, Messaging & more +++ Bitte lächeln! Fotogalerie online mit GMX ohne eigene Homepage!