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Re: definite/indefinite articles

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 1, 2003, 6:42
Quoting Adam Walker <carrajena@...>:

> > Carrajena even requires a definite article when a possessive pronoun is > present -- ul miu Dju = the my God, al tiu mama = the your mother, ils > nostrus parris = the our parents (or the our fathers).
Steienzh refuses to allow a definite article when a possessive pronoun or noun is present; the possessive by itself indicates definiteness. To make something possessed unspecific you have to rephrase with the preposition _ke_. _Ilene tezz_ "Ilene's brother" _tezz ke Ilene_ "a brother of Ilene"="one of Ilene's brothers" _es tezz ke Ilene_ "the brother of Ilene" The last suggest something like "THE brother of Ilene"; she has several, but this is the only proper one. BTW; the fem name _Ilene_ is to be pronounced ['Iln@] - I trust no-one was fooled by the regularly silent middle "e"? Also, notice will this particular word has a zero possessive, this is not true of all Steienzh nouns; eg _mess_ "spaceship", _meste_ "spaceship's". Andreas