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Re: definite/indefinite articles

From:Michael David Martin <mdmartin@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 1, 2003, 6:26
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From: "Christophe Grandsire" <christophe.grandsire@...>
> En réponse à Michael David Martin <mdmartin@...>: > > > Hello, > > Welcome to the list!
You've forgotten me already? :) Well it has been a while and I didn't post much the first time. I posted my phonology a few months ago (or more?) and since I didn't know SAMPA I used English example words, but because I didn't mention I was speaking Californian English everyone got confused and it generating a huge thread on English pronunciation. (Remember 'claw' versus 'father'?) Or maybe I shouldn't have reminded everyone of that. :)
> There's no question too simple, especially in linguistics :) . >
So I'm discovering. I had no idea articles could be such a big topic. Thank you to everyone who has responded to my question. As always you've given me a lot more to consider. ---------------------------------------- Michael David Martin, Master Mason Temecula/Catalina Island Lodge #524 Free & Accepted Masons of California