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Hikka (was Heinlein's speedtalk)

From:makeenan <makeenan@...>
Date:Sunday, July 10, 2005, 4:20
I've been thinking about it. Being an analytic language I asumed it wouldn't
be of much interest to the people here.

It also has remark type and motive markers. But as We all know there is
nothing done here that hasn't already been done in a NatLang or a ConLang

When I started Ok, the original attempt at a Speedtalk knock off, I hadn't
read 'Gulf' in several years and, I had no copy of the story in the house. So,
Ok is missing a lot of the features that Heinlein described. Hikka, being a
descendant of Ok, has none of those features either.

The other thing I was able to achieve was an alphabet. I wanted an alphabet
that faked a syllabary. I wanted each word to have its own symbol but, I
didn't want to memorize them. I wanted the ease of an alphabet.

The Hikka alphabet is based on a horseshoe shape. The lefthand half of the
horseshoe is the consonant and the right hand half is the vowel. I like the
way this alphabet came out. I guess I guess I'll have to post that to
neographies too.

-Duke Keenan
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