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CXS suggestions

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Sunday, July 10, 2005, 12:38
Hello, list:
Most of you apparently use X-SAMPA or Henrik Theiling's CXS for
phonemic/-tic markup, right? (Those who know neither can check out

I'd like to suggest a few additional symbols for CXS:
- /a\/ for /a_"/ (low central vowel)
- /B\/ for /B_o/ (bilabial approximant)
- /e\ 2\ 7\ o\/ for /e_o 2_o 7_o o_o/ (middle vowels)
- /T\/ for the bidental percussive

Also, I really think some more illogical X-SAMPA symbols besides the /{ &/
--> /& &\/ switch could be changed:
/K K\/ --> /S\ Z\/
/F/ --> /m\/
/J J\/ --> /n\ J/
Currently, /F J/ do not really suggest nasality, which I think is more
distinctive than their POA; also other IPA translitteration schemes use /J/
commonly for the voiced palatal stop. And /K K\/ suggests neither laterality
nor fricativity. Of course this would leave the capital K and F as unused
glyphs, but it's not like CXS had all the ASCII symbols in use to begin

Opinions, anyone? Do these suggestions seem sensible? :)

John Vertical

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