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Re: Gweðes

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Friday, October 4, 2002, 9:34
En réponse à Robert B Wilson <han_solo55@...>:

> I've decided to call the conlang in my "yet another conlang" post > Gweðes > (pronounced ["g_wED.Es]).
The dot normally marks a syllable break, which means that the word would syllabify as a syllable followed ending with a consonant followed by a syllable beginning with a vowel. This is actually quite strange (normally, a single intervocalic consonant always syllabify with the second syllable rather than the first. It's as near a universal as you can get in linguistics). Is there a specific reason why the word is syllabified this way? Maybe this reflects a morphemic break? Or do you use the dot in some other way?
> I really like the way "ht" is pronounced [t_h] while before any other > consonant is an i-glide and [h] initially. "eu" pronounced [ai] is > nice, > too.
Shades of Maggelity ;)) . I see I'm creating a trend ;))))) .
> here's a sample with pronounciation in X-SAMPA: > > nes pehter ðeskáim en > [nEs "pEt_h.Er\ "DEs.ka:im En] > > asðe ðehs twás unomnam > ["as.De DEis t_wa:s u"nom%nam] > > gumðe twás arehkmehnam > ["gum.De t_wa:s a"] > > karðe twás welam ðagam en swoð ðehskáim en > ["kar\.De t_wa:s " " En s_woD "DEis.ka:im En] > > ðeuðe toðayer nesað penam ayeram > ["Dai.De "toD.ajEr\ "nEs.aD " "aj%Er\.am] > > kwe peuðe nes melam swoð peuðnes melam nente > [k_we "pai.De nEs " s_woD "paiD.nEs " "nEn.te] > > heg ne nem mel enað kwe segðe nem melas > [hEg ne nEm mEl "En.aD k_we "sEg.De nEm "] > > numbers: > sain [sain] > duá [dwa:] > tarei [ta"r\Ei] > kweud [k_waid] > peunag ["] > swekas ["] > septam ["sEp.tam] > oktá ["ok.ta:] > neun [nain] > dekam ["] >
This is definitely an IE language, and it looks quite nice! But I'd like to see more of its grammar. And of course I'm rather curious about how you justify the strange syllabification patterns... Christophe. Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.