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Re: OT: I was expecting the voice of Bill Gates...

From:Tristan McLeay <kesuari@...>
Date:Sunday, April 27, 2003, 8:54
Danny Wier wrote:

>Anybody have Microsoft Text To Speech? I'm making it read the KJV >translation of the Bible. It's hilarious. It just said "lest yeeee... die." >Oh well, at least it's not Wm. Shatner. > >Seriously, they need to add a feature that allows you to record your voice, >and another to make it able to pronounce ANY sound in IPA. So I can hear >someone speak Tech or whatever to me... > >
If you're willing to invest time, Festival <> lets you add your on voice. Indeed, it lets you add any language you feel like. I haven't tried adding a voice to it. I was thinking of making an Australian English dialect, but it sounded like too much work. It's a Unixy program though. (I've been led to believe that it works in Windows, but it'll still need a command prompt.) -- Tristan <kesuari@...> There's no such thing as an infinite loop. Eventually, the computer will break. -- John D. Sullivan