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OT: Time (Was: Clockwise without clocks)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Saturday, April 2, 2005, 11:36

Joe <joe@...> writes:
>... > Also, Estonian (my current obsession) has an even more interesting > system. In Estonian, 'quarter past nine' by 'veerand kümme' - literally > 'a quarter of ten'. Similarly, 'pool kümme'(half of ten) and > 'kolmveerand kümme' (three quarters of ten) are 'half past nine' and > 'quarter to ten', respectively.
Ah, funny. :-) That's the same in most southern German dialects: viertel zehn = 9:15 halb zehn = 9:30 dreiviertel zehn = 9:45 Of these, only 'halb zehn' is considered Standard High German. My dialect allows 'zehn vor halb zehn' (ten to half ten) = 9:20, but I'm not sure how universal that is. Most seem to allow 'fünf vor halb zehn' for 9:25, but use 'zwanzig nach neun' for 9:20. **Henrik


Joe <joe@...>