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Re: Fourth Person

From:Adam Walker <awalker@...>
Date:Thursday, October 8, 1998, 0:52
Just to further muddy the waters.

I used the term "fourth person" in describing my pronoun system for
Lrahran.  I sorta tried to be odd wile I was creating this systyem.

I have a singular, dual, trial, plural distinction; a masculine,
feminine, nutral distinction; an inclusive/exclusive distinction and
four persons.

This results in 60 pronouns.

The "fourth person" has an "institutional" meaning.  If I said, "Nye
hlunyelo mnamron,"  in refference to government employees it could be
translated as "I don't trust them," "I don't trust their kind," or "I
don't trust you (pl)," "I don't trust your kind."  How you translated
it would depend on whether the statement was addressed to a member of
the group "government employees."  Also even if addressed to a
government employee it would not NECESSARILY include the government
employee addressed.

Another odd pronoun in this system is the first person, singular,
exclusive.  "The I which is not I."  It is basically a philosophical
concept, but it finds application in poetry and modernist prose.

Just my two cents.