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Back on again... tentatively

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Monday, February 8, 1999, 7:25
Whew!  I didn't think Netscape was going to let me get back on Conlang.
"You didn't specify a subject."  Didn't know which button to push.  I'm
used to PINE on UNIX; all this thinking for me makes me a little
I am up to my mimmartys with administrative work at my private
and am both dreading and looking forward to the tons of mail Conlang
At any rate, I guess the first thing out of my mouth besides "VYKO!" and

"don't bring the house down," is:  "What the heck happened to Diana
I've tried emailing her twice, and everything bounces.  Has she dropped
the conlang face of the earth?  <G>

So what's been going on?  "The Maligned Art" proceeds apace.  If
there is any one of you who hasn't taken the lunatic survey and would
like to, let me know privately.

Sally Caves

Idravve pyttela li bov;  ve bov, tilo bov, htena las!
Blue is the color of love: blue sky, blue ice, white snow!