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Re: Back on again... tentatively

From:Diana Slattery <slattd@...>
Date:Monday, February 8, 1999, 15:21
Sally Caves wrote:

> "What the heck happened to Diana > Slattery?" > I've tried emailing her twice, and everything bounces. Has she dropped > off > the conlang face of the earth? <G> >
Diana is going through an "all ears" phase. But very much present in that mode. e-mail address is still and works. Diana
> > So what's been going on? "The Maligned Art" proceeds apace. If > there is any one of you who hasn't taken the lunatic survey and would > like to, let me know privately. > > Sally Caves > > > > > Idravve pyttela li bov; ve bov, tilo bov, htena las! > Blue is the color of love: blue sky, blue ice, white snow!