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Re: TECH: Googlepages

From:Leon Lin <leon_math@...>
Date:Friday, March 9, 2007, 23:19

 The way I avoid forgetting ending tags is to create them when I create the
starting tag. I do the same with quotes, parantheses, and braces. (the last two
do not apply in HTML, but they do in other things like Javascript)


"David J. Peterson" <dedalvs@...> wrote:  Roger wrote:
Could one perhaps create a home page "index.html" or "contents.html"
which to link to all the others???? (lots of  stuff)  BTW, I
haven't yet investigated this, but is it possible to edit the html?
in case,
for ex. you forgot to close a  or  tag or mis-typed the closing
(which I seem to do with annoying frequency) :-(((

Well that's the thing.  Every single one of my languages has a
phonology page, and they're all called phonology.html.  They
remain separate because each one is in its own folder as
/languagename/phonology.html.  If you can't upload folders,
then what you have to do is have

As to your other question, no, you can't do that.  As far as I saw,
there's no way to edit the HTML directly using the googlepages
interface.  So even if you left out one little tag, you'd have to open
up a copy in an external editor, edit it, and upload it again.

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