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Re: CHAT: Team Names

From:Eric Christopherson <eric@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 23, 1998, 22:54
John Cowan wrote:
> Now we have teams named by ordinary singular nouns such as "Jazz", > "Magic", and "Heat", and there is considerable tension in sports writing > between singular agreement (grammatically called for, and natural > in American writing when applied to collectives: "the government is", > "the jury decides", etc.) and plural agreement (very unnatural, > but uniform with other team names).
At least "jazz," "magic," and "heat" are mass nouns. There are also teams named after more quantifiable things, such as a group of sports teams I have heard of called the "Rockford Sports Monster" and a teamed called the "Madison Black Wolf." I don't understand at all why someone would pick these singular, quantifiable nouns for names. Go fig :)