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The status of the glottal stop in Hebrew

From:Outo Otus <olen_outo_otus@...>
Date:Sunday, July 4, 2004, 16:50
Hi, I posted a message a little while ago about the Hebrew glottal stop,
but I would like to know more. When exactly is the glottal stop realized in
modern Hebrew? I believe it isn't pronounced / realized at the start of
words, as it is only used as a placeholder for vowels, and there is no
distinction between words beginning and not beginning with it. In what
environments should it be pronounced, if it is at all? I have also seen it
placed in awkward places, such as between consonants, would it be
pronounced in this position? Also, when is ayin
realized a glottal stop? Or is this simply ignored?
Thanks for all your help!


Dan Sulani <dansulani@...>