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conlang names (was: Re: new names )

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Sunday, January 23, 2000, 3:56
On Fri, 21 Jan 2000 20:38:48 -0500 Mia <tuozin@...> writes:
> "mia" doesn't have a meaning in ea-luna. A common female name in > the fictional culture associated with ea-luna is "Ilude", but it > isn't a particularly pretty name, and "Iluliude" is another form > of it, both meaning something akin to "daughter of the Earth". I > am going to have to go think about first names now... :) > > -- > Mia Soderquist (
. AAFMCL.... Rokbeigalmki names almost always don't directly mean anything. They're usually just a series of syllables that the parents like, which may include a lexical root or mutation of one. And if a name *is* meant to mean something, it is almost always mutated in some form. I generally keep to the same idea when translating/transliterating names into Rokbeigalmki. some examples: (names are always marked for the accented syllable) Stíígiyus = my current ElendorMUSH character, the inspiration for everything Rokbeigalmki. his name doesn't mean anything. Although, on Elendor it's actually "Stygius" /staj gi @s/, which according to a dictionary i saw is Latin for "stygian", 'having to do with the ancient greek mythological river Styx', although i really based the name on my nickname Steg. Tzívi = my own Rokbeigalmki name. based on my Hebrew name Tzvi-hersh. Urgámn = my previous Elendor character, an elf named Elnar ("starfire" > _^ur^gamnuh_ 'fire of star' in rokbeigalmki) who was "retconned" (MUSH-jargon for redo'ing something after it's been done to fix the way it turned out) into being half-Rokbeigalmki. Gamnoosólg = Urgamn's father Lingil ("songstar" > _^gamnuh^solg_ 'star of song'). elves like Gamnoosolg and Urgamn have a higher percentage of names that mean something than humans do. Shaol = my friend Saul, based on his name. Áálehh = my brother Alan, based on his name, his Spanish class name Alejandro (i called him Alej for short), and the verb he helped create, _aalek_ "to turn". Liyúra = my mentor's daughter Leora, based on her name with the /Or/ turned into /ur/, Rokbeigalmki for "fire". Dayaghút = Stiigiyus's father, incorporating _yag_ "fish". Flurázha = Stiigiyus's mother, doesn't mean anything. Jéímwládh = the Bronx neighborhood Riverdale, _jeimla_ "shallow valley" + _wadh_ "river". Tólosed = a shortened and elvicized form of _Itahhalôsednun_, "peace island", the Rokbeigalmki homeland where Stiigiyus is from. -Stephen (Steg) "fear is the mind-killer." ~ _dune_