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Re: conlang names (was: Re: new names )

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Sunday, January 23, 2000, 5:11 writes:
>AAFMCL.... >Rokbeigalmki names almost always don't directly mean anything. They're >usually just a series of syllables that the parents like, which may >include a lexical root or mutation of one. And if a name *is* meant to >mean something, it is almost always mutated in some form. I generally >keep to the same idea when translating/transliterating names into >Rokbeigalmki.
Interesting. I never thought of that method. Anyway, AFMCL... The Saalangal name their children after things they wish their child to be, traits the child seems to have already, or after a favored god or goddess. For foreign names, they would try to fit it to the phonology of Saalangal as best they could, or if the foreigner wants, the meaning can be translated into Saalangal. For instance, my name meas three different things, according to a name meanings site I found on the net ( I'm not sure if the site is 100% correct, but for now, I will assume it is. Origin, meaning, and Saalangal translation: - Irish, English - fair haired - Saakéng sibu (a little too long for a native name) - Celtic - marksman - Anutanás or Yatatanás (One who shoots arrows, or one who shoots arrows as a profession) - French - Lives at the barrier - Anulaál ka kiráy (too long for a native name also). I'm thinking of starting a list of names in Saalangal soon. Maybe even tonight, now that I think of it. These would be popular names in the real world, and popular Saalangal names. I'll also give transliterations of "foreign" names into the latinized version of Saalangal spelling. I have a few already (These are based off of how Filipinos in the US who live in California (my relatives) speak :) ): Michael - Máykel Mike - Mayk Matt - Mat Liz - Lis Irene - Ayrín Ann - An David - Deybid John - Dyán Mary - Méri Barry - Béri Evan - Éban Sound guide: ay - /aj/, ey - /ej/, dy - /dZj/ (not quite a full /dZ/, but in between /dj/, and /dZ/) ________________________________________________ It's worth the risk of burning, to have a second chance...