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Re: Revised Eastern Vowel Orthography

From:Andrew Smith <hobbit@...>
Date:Monday, May 24, 1999, 21:51
On Mon, 24 May 1999, Brian Betty wrote:

> Andrew Smith wrote, "I'm not sure if /P/ here is p or pf or something else. > NZMaori has the letters p and wh, with wh pronounced /f/ nearly > universally. Rarotongan Maori uses f for this letter." > > I thought that [wh] was the same letter which in IPA is written as Gk. phi, > which I guess is what was meant by P. As in the Japanese 'f', which is made > bilabially (like an F pronounced with lips instead of upper teeth and lower > lips) - the Japanese 'f' is the sound Japanese h becomes before /u/. > > The voiced equivalent of phi is written with Gk. be:ta in IPA. > > Has the Maori P > f in modern speech? >
Mostly. Some dialects have h, w, hw for the wh sound, but the dictionary I refer to discribes it as 'usually f'. This is probably due to its near-universal decline into a second language over 150 years of contact with English speakers. I believe the original pronunciation for wh was /P/ but I haven't seen much evidence for it. - andrew. Andrew Smith, Intheologus "Orcs eat Hummers." - Old Orc Saying.