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Re: Corint (was: Re: My Webpage)

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Thursday, February 28, 2002, 1:02
From: "daniel andreasson" <danielandreasson@...>

| Okay. This is neither Khoisanesque or Caucasoid, but rather
| based on Chadic langs. It's called Corint and it's a very short
| sketch of a language I made for an RPG.
| There is no tense but instead two aspects, perfective and
| imperfective (surprise, surprise :). These are distinguished
| by different word order. Perfective = VSO, Imperfective = SVO.
| There are two tones, high (acute) and low (grave). All vowels
| have a tone.
| {kp} and {gb} are double articulated stops.
| {mb} {nd} {ngg} {nj} are prenasalized stops.
| {b'} {d'} {g'} are glottalized stops.
| {zl} {sl} are lateral fricatives (voiced and voiceless).
| {gh} /G/ {x} /x/

Hey I like it! The glottalized stops are implosives I presume? Also, the
double-articulated /kp/ and /gb/ are more a feature of Niger-Kordofanian
languages, but I wouldn't doubt they could be found in Chadic languages (they're
not in Hausa). Hey, there's even a Cushitic language (Dahalo) with clicks!

| Number (sg and pl) is coded on the verb, ergatively. Plural
| for the object for transitive verbs and plural for the subject
| for intransitive verbs are marked the same way. The plural for
| the action itself is also marked this way (i.e. if you do
| something several times or repeatedly). Plural is marked by
| devoicing the first consonant.
| Examples:
| dúgrú kpé cìr
| kill  he  rat
| 'He killed a rat.'
| túgrú   kpé cìr
| kill:PL he  rat
| 'He killed rats.'
| kpé ghráb'è
| he  fall
| 'he falls'
| kpé xráb'è
| he  fall:PL
| 'He falls often/several times.'

VSO for transitive verbs, SV for intransitive. That looks familiar, but I don't
know where I've seen it....


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