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Re: Weekly Vocab #2.1.29 (repost #1)

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Thursday, April 10, 2008, 20:30
I'll do one of these to exercise my Labarion a little for my next
round in the relay.

>> 1. to calculate
deliet - count, calculate
>> As a magistrate, I must calculate the amount of surplus food the >> area creates.
Vergobretos buti, veravillon ver me essi deltou imbeton betodruelvi vrexetor lari. (magistrate be-VN.instr, upon 1s.abl be-3s.pres calculate- VN.dat create-3s.pass.subj area-
>> 2. waste
rotravelis - overconsumption, waste roteavelet - overconsume, waste
>> Food waste is dreadfully common.
Obnu gnatos essi rotravelet beti. ( habitual be-3s.pres waste-VN
>> 3. to regulate
comediet - exert common rule
>> The government must therefore regulate sales and supply.
Veravillon ver valanatu essi commessou riccas eti adgabedon. ( upon be-3s.pres regulate-VN.dat sale- and
>> 4. famine
navonos - famine, hunger
>> Only these laws stave off famine.
Rextoves sondii oinicii delgont navonon au dvorobi. ( keep-3p.pres from
>> 5. control
vlaticon - lording, overlordship
>> Farmers don't like this level of control.
Ne mendont brogiacii sondos siton vlatici. (not like-3p.pres this Or perhaps probably: Ne suadis essi brogiacobo sondos siton vlatici. (not pleasant be-3s.pres this contron-
>> 6. spade
bedecos - digger
>> They might revolt with spades and pitchforks.
Cretisagii senti ducospe inti bedecus eti gabalus. ( be-3p.pres revolt-VN.dat with and
>> 7. to quake
crit- - shake, tremor
>> I'm quaking in my boots.
Critiu in mou doadobin. (quake-1s.pres in 1s.gen shoe-loc.dual)
>> 8. fortress
dunon - fort, castle, hillfort
>> If they do revolt, they shall never take the fortress.
Ma ducospiont, ne aivi gigabessont dunon. (if revolt-3p.pres.subj, not ever take-3p.fut
>> 9. to besiege
incant- -circle in
>> I just hope they don't manage to besiege the place.
Oinicu vomennu galxont incantu legon. (only hope-1s.pres manage-3p.pres.subj besiege-VN.dat Or perhaps more probably: Vomenda oinicu ver me essi galxont incantu legon. ( only upon 1s.abl be-3s.pres manage 3p.pres.subj besiege- VN.dat
>> 10. day
>> That would just ruin my day.
Sodeios oinicu brixiet mou diun. (that simply ruin-3s.pres.subj 1s.gen Hm. I think I need more exercise. And more words. But I got a handful of new ones here. LEF