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Poll: What looks best?

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin-conlang@...>
Date:Thursday, July 5, 2007, 14:01
The quest to replace H continueth! Here's a test-sentence:

maHavvel H kanra Hāen oHamigh Hu khaHa Hetuaþ Heìes
"The tyrant turned to the right and made the crows noisily
attack the backwards-and-forwards-moving tiger in the

And here are the candidates:

maHavvel H kanra Hāen oHamigh Hu khaHa Hetuaþ Heìes
mařavvel ř kanra řāen ořamigh řu khařa řetuaþ řeìes
maяavvel я kanra яāen oяamigh яu khaяa яetuaþ яeìes
maħavvel ħ kanra ħāen oħamigh ħu khaħa ħetuaþ ħeìes
maгavvel г kanra гāen oгamigh гu khaгa гetuaþ гeìes

The letter in question marks a sound that starts off as a velar
trill (or one of its many raspy replacements) and turns into an
alveolar trill. It is always long/cannot be geminated and is the
raspiest, spittiest sound in the entire language. (Incidentally,
the test-sentence contains every single word using the letter H
that I could find in the seconds I spent searching, that
sentence is almost a tongue-twister...) Replace mentally with
[kr] if the backs of your tongues do twist!

So: Which. Will. Win!!?!!

Feel free to add candidates of your own.



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