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Re: fictional worlds

From:Cian Ross <cian@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 13, 2002, 5:20
On Sunday 04 August 2002 02:37 pm, Santiago wrote:
> I have a question for you all... I'd like to know to what extent are the > cultures behind your conlangs absolutely fictional...
Well, some of the cultures take inspiration from real ones...sort of--with a certain amount of reinterpretation. Some I made up fairly well out of thin air.
> I mean, what sort of words you didn't include in your langs
I won't bother making a word for anything that wouldn't be in that culture. (This means translation exercises--like the Babel Text--can vary from too "interesting" to impossible. :))
>Have you thought of the physical appearance of your langs' speakers?
So far they're human (though longer-lived in that alternate universe). I've not yet defined languages for any of the nonhumans. Cian