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Re: fictional worlds

From:Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...>
Date:Saturday, August 10, 2002, 16:01
Santiago  <sanctifeld@...> 2002.08.04. 16:37:58 -3h-kor írta:

> I have a question for you all... I'd like to know to what extent are the > cultures behind your conlangs absolutely fictional... I mean, what sort of > words you didn't include in your langs, because of referring to human-made > objects or concepts so closely related to human cultures that they cannot > exist in your fictional cultures... Have you thought of the physical > appearance of your langs' speakers?
Heh :) I also met with that problem because I created my lang for two purposes - one for being a part of the animal culture and one for writing and translating my thoughts.
> My lang, Moesteskin (Moestesian would be in English) has a lot of vocabulary > relating to the latest (an not so late) technology developments... Yes, > words like "television", "computer"... what do you think of that? It doesn't > look original, does it?
Well if you don't want to write about the worlds of our own in that lang, perhaps you can leave them out from the vocabulary but if you want, I see two ways: creating words for those human things and signing as late or 'human usage' form or simply leave those words and replace them with terms like 'thinking machine' for 'computer'.
> Should I do away with those terms, and try to create a whole culture with > their own objects and then name them with the lang? > Moesteskin actually was born as that, the language of a people of a > fictional world, but then I abandoned the idea of thinking so much about the > fictional context... Now I'm considering the issue... > > I hope to hear your advice > > Santiago