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inhapxualox, first composition

From:Gerald Koenig <jlk@...>
Date:Monday, October 12, 1998, 6:12
Carlos asked:
> >Further question: how to make posesives? > >"your name" >"your image" >"your eyes" >"the lost image of your eyes" >"your breath" >"your history" >"my memory" >"my imagination" >"my recollections/memories" >"the others' faces" >"your footprint" >"the dead branches of leafless trees" > >Thanks! > > >
OK, here are some freshly minted possessive pronouns that are a new part of VTT. They are very simply formed from the regular VTT pronouns by adding an s. The exceptions are "zas" and "has" which repeat the first vowel to make "zasas" and "hasas". mis my vus yours wos his/hers zas hers has his nis ours +addresse gus ours -addressee kus theirs sus theirs (m/f) zazas theirs (f) hasas theirs (m) 10/12/98 I VTT PRONOUNS Mi I Ni we+ addressee Gu we- addressee Vu you Ku they Wo he/she Su they (m/f) Za she Zas ellas, they (f) Ha he Has ellos, they (m) jerry ------------------------------ Vector tense is simple.