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From:M. Sherryandra Soderquist <tuozin@...>
Date:Saturday, April 15, 2000, 0:42
Carlos Thompson wrote:
> > Ed Heil wrote: > > > Please tell me it isn't pronounced "Niggle"? :) > > Well. I don't know. I call it /enehe"ele/ or /EndZi:"l=/. It has no > oficial name but three main dialects: tokcir /"toktSir/, zumirtok > /"Zumirtok/ and nilènga /ni"leNga/ which could be used as names for the > language. > > Want something like n-g-l..? try /EndZil/.
Being inspired by the Fluency wish list, I have decided to buckle down and learn NGL. I hope to be sending my first composition out soon... I think I am going to call my personal dialect "Enji'el" because I think it is funny. I am not sure if that MEANS anything in NGL though. Better look that up when I get home. Right now, I am running late, but I couldn't resist posting. -- Mia Soderquist Firetalk #605102 ICQ #19818811 or 5926593 MSN Messenger/hotmail: